who we are

The Company was founded in early 1800 by the FRATELLI FRANCHINI.

It started as a blacksmith ‘s workshop, active till the end of 2nd world war. Afterwards the company develops rapidly extending its activities to iron works, aluminium welding and industrial bodyworks. In 1980 the name changes to LAFAL S.n.c. di Franchini. The company growes specializing in different fields with the introduction of new technologies.

Lafal snc di Franchini A. & C.
Via Mazzini, 194/E - Quaderni, Verona - Tel 045 7940278 - Fax 045 7940907 - info@lafal.com
PEC: lafalsnc@legalmail.it | Cod. Fisc. e P.iva 00889270237 | Iscritti all’Ufficio del Registro delle Imprese di VERONA - REA: VR – 166168